Basic Website Hosting Package

A host provides a place for the code and infrastructure that your website needs. It's your server and connection to the internet. Everything a website needs to open the door and invite people to browse your offerings. Just like any brick and mortar location, a business website can change over time. In the beginning, the website business might compare to a small corner coffee shop.

The owner saw possibilities in that location, put a sign on the sidewalk, and offered premium coffee at a good price. Over time, the coffee shop owner added some cookies and donuts, and flavored coffees. When space becomes available next to his store, he rents it and puts in tables. Business is thriving.

A website starts out much like the corner coffee shop. At first, there's not a lot to see. The owner gradually adds more and builds the business. In the beginning, all the coffee shop needs is a place to sell coffee (location,) some coffee machines (equipment,) and a sign on the sidewalk.

Basic hosting at 21st Century Web is very much like the corner coffee shop model.

Location: We put your website on a fast server. The cost is minimal and is shared by other small business owners.

Equipment: We take care of the maintenance and keep everything up to date.

  • Software Updates
  • Website Security
  • Basic Page Changes as needed
  • Regular Backups
  • Access to backup copies of your website

Sidewalk Sign:All you need is people walking by who like to drink the coffee.

  • Your front page is the doorstep.
  • Other pages provide product or service offerings and contact info.
  • Best practices help visitors and search engines find and enjoy your product or service.

Are you ready to put your sign on the sidewalk?

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