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21st Century Web builds clean, easy to navigate websites that help you reach potential customers looking for the services and products you offer.

A good website helps prospective clients and customers find your company and learn about your business. We design each page around the image you want to project. At the same time, we build elements into each page that help search engines match your site with real people searching for your products or services.

Like a storefront doorway on a busy street, we fill the window with everything that invites people inside. Turn on the “Open” sign and let the world find your doorstep.

Phone numbers aren’t easy to remember, but satisified customers bookmark websites for future use. Even if they don’t, finding you on the internet isn’t very hard. At 21st Century Web, we make it easy to find your website through a simple search—the most common method used to find any company.

Existing customers can return to your site again and again for the latest company news, exciting business developments, and to use your site as a point of contact for sales, customer service, or new product announcements.

We can build your site from scratch or remodel existing pages with colors, graphics, and content that delivers your image and message directly to your customers.

Every page is optimized for user experience to give users and search engines everything they need to see what your company has to offer. We don’t just build your site and leave. We build and keep building to keep your pages ranking high in the search results where new customers will find them.


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When people need a service or a product, their search begins online. It doesn’t matter if it’s clothing, a new car, a product mentioned by a friend, a new furnace or water heater. The internet gave businesses a new way to market themselves at little cost with a high return for their money.

When the next person needs your product or service, will they find you or someone else?

In the traditional model, a business opens a shop in the best location possible. Fast-food restaurants with drive-through service pop up on busy corners. Retail and specialty shops open in a busy strip mall near popular grocery and large retail stores. Attorneys and other services choose business parks and remodeled homes near old downtown.

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