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I develope websites for sole proprietorships, small and mid-size businesses, old companies, new companies, and freelancers. Check out our portfolio of  just a few of the websites and blogs we’ve built and browse some of the options available to you.

I can build no-hassle websites. These usually have 3-5 pages. The most common include Home, Products or Services, About, Contact, and Blog. We’ll discuss how we’re going to proceed, I’ll get all the important information from you, and then I’ll get to work while you keep your business running.

Custom websites are more involved, but follow the same basic process.

Creative types usually don’t need a lot of help, but sometimes they just need someone to get it done. Freelancer websites are for writers, photographers, cooks, and everyone else that needs to show off their work and attract new business

These days, I usually advise my clients on the type of hosting service to start with and offer a few suggestions on good hosting companies. It’s your website, after all, and you should have the “keys to the car” so to speak.

But it’s not required and I’m happy to provide you with a website hosting package that includes a monthy or annual fee.

Once a website goes live, the focus changes to maintaining, tweaking, and expanding. If you’re on one of my website maintenance plans, well then no problem. I take care of backups, software updates, and when something goes wrong, I fix it. For most things, it all part of the package.

When your business grows and you need more server power than you started with, we can help you make that move as painlessly as possible.

It’s easy to register a domain, but setting it up correctly is often confusing. We can help out by managing your domain settings, or handle everything from registering a domain to setting it up. Domain Management

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I offer services ranging from website hosting and developing websites, managing all types of content from resource libraries to blogs, to providing all the basic SEO you need to start the process of ranking well with the search engines. We can even help with your domain management and suggest options for email solutions.

But… Free Websites

A business owner called me one day and wasn’t at all happy. Her website on one of the free platforms ran slow, had too many ads (and some were her competitors). To make it worse, one of her customers said they thought it was a spam site because of the URL.

Why you shouldn’t build a free website.