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Domain names are easily remembered replacements for a cryptic combination of numbers, letters, and symbols. They direct internet users to websites and allow email to arrive at the right location, and much, much more.

In a simple context, a website on a server has an IP address assigned to it. Instead of remembering the number, you remember the domain name. For example, MyBusinessWebsite.com instead of Multiple websites, each with its own domain, can share the same IP address if they are located on the same hosting account on the same server.

Setting up domain records isn’t hard if you have the correct information and accurate instructions. It’s a matter of typing carefully or using copy-paste.

Name servers make a connection between the domain name and the server using the server’s IP address. Usually, two name servers are defined in case one fails or is too busy to handle a request. When you register a domain, defining name servers will connect the domain name to the server.

Domain registrars usually make it easy to set the name servers.

Some functions require additional changes. After your name servers are set up, we can usually handle those changes for you. Most are part of the website setup and management process. For example, a separate email service that uses your domain name will need special domain MX record changes so the internet knows where to send your email.

Most people don’t want to learn about IP addresses, MX records, text records, or A records, or when to use the @ symbol. We take of all that for you and make sure visitors get to your site and email gets delivered to your accounts.

If we handle domain registration and management for you, we charge a modest annual fee for management in addition to the registration fees. The domain is in your name, you hold the keys to the account, and you are free to change your management at any time.

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