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Creatives need a website that projects a professional image without wading through the maze of hosting companies, domains, or web page design. Just as importantly, the website budget shouldn’t empty their wallet.

Must-Have Features

  • Looks professional while maintaining your unique identity
  • A domain name that belongs to you. Free websites don’t portray a professional image.
    (Why You Shouldn’t Build a Free Website)
  • An email address that uses your domain name and further connects you with your business.

These are important things that say:

  • I’m a professional.
  • I take my work seriously.
  • You can count on me.
  • I’ll be here tomorrow.

Just as importantly, they don’t say:

  • I just started this in my kitchen.
  • I might be here tomorrow…well maybe not.

A professional website shows potential clients, collegues, friends, and family that you are a professional and mean business. They can count on you to be here tomorrow and next week and next month. If you are serious about your work as a freelance professional, whether as a writer, editor, photographer, artist, or any other creative professional, you need a website that says:

“I’m a Professional and Proud of My Work.”

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